Dealer Opportunity

Dealership and Service


ULsigns offers dealers resources that increase their competitive advantage, sales, profits and satisfaction of

their end user clients.


Parts on Consignment

All our LED digital sign parts are guaranteed top-quality components which are covered by our warranty. Furthermore, ULsigns goes one step further in making sure you’re able to solve your client’s problems on your terms.   Rather than playing the “overnight shipping game” for parts that need replacement, ULsigns will stock an appropriate number of spare

parts in your facility so that if there’s ever a service issue, you’ve got what you need to keep your customers happy.


Dealer Tools

ULsigns places an enormous value on the role a local sign company plays in supporting a consumer purchase of an LED sign. These experts help customers choose the right product, develop a comprehensive project design, navigate the permitting process, and make sure the LED display is properly installed so that it can immediately be put it to work. No other LED sign companies invests in dealer-partners like ULsigns. When it comes to doing business in the sign industry, we follow two defining principals:


1. Help our dealers to be successful

2. Be easy to do business with


We fervently believe in the power of sales and marketing and actively work to help our partners maximize revenue potential using our products.  We’re always establishing new tools and systems that increase efficiency and profits for our dedicated dealers.


Project Management

For large, complex and multi-location projects, ULsigns maintains a full-time project management staff available

to assist dealers and end users with the following:


  • Zoning reviews

  • Site Surveys / evaluations

  • Permits acquisition

  • Installation

  • Electrical upgrades

  • Onsite service and repair



ULsigns provides training for dealers, end users and associates through live webinars, training presentations and documentation in the following areas:


  • LED sign sales

  • Technical sales

  • Product and application

  • Installation, service and repair

  • Software


Sales and Marketing Support

ULsigns provides a wealth of sales and marketing tools, live co-sales support, on-site project assistance to

enable our dealer network to maximize sales and increase competitiveness and profitability.

Sales Tool

  • Live Sales assistance

  • In-person presentation assistance

  • Web conferences

  • Phone support


Review these two opportunities of dealership and choose one of the following that benefits you. 

Self-employed Sales

This opportunity is for someone who just wants to sell our product and does not want any burden after the transaction.  We deal with client directly and you get your commission after the transaction completed. 

Sign Companies

This opportunity is for the sign company that wants to provide LED digital signs to their customer with their own terms.  Set their own price.  We will issue warranty to the sign company directly and we will not correspond with the end user customers.  Therefore, we will remove our company logo from the sign.  Once we registered you as our sign company vendor, we will email you your username and password, through which you will see your rock-bottom price.

We provide the quality signs and services needed for your organization to thrive through effective communication.

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