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Our LED Message Signs are an excellent choice for locations with ordinances that require text-only or single-color displays. These signs allow you to showcase advertisements, sales, events, news, and notices in a bold and cost-effective manner. We recommend size: 5FT (60") height by 10FT (120") length, making them ideal for small businesses such as barbershops, phone shops, auto mechanic shops, nail salons, and more.  With a visibility range of 1,000 feet, these signs ensure that your messages are clear and easily seen, even in direct sunlight. They are highly visible in areas near traffic, city streets, busy intersections, and areas with high vehicle traffic.

P16 mm (Single Side Screen) 5FT x 10FT (Single color) LED Digital Sign Board

$11,625.00 Regular Price
$9,300.00Sale Price

All signs are available at a 20% discount.

  • > Comprehensive 5-Year Warranty on Parts for Your Purchase

    >  Wide viewing angle of 140 degrees horizontally and 120 degrees vertically

    >  Color options: WHITE, RED, BLUE, GREEN, AND AMBER

    >  Designed to withstand extreme weather conditions.

    >  Incorporates brightness sensor technology for automatic dimming according to ambient light levels, reducing light pollution and increasing LED lifespan.

    >  Impressive brightness of 8,000 NITS

    >  Long lifespan of 100,000 hours

    >  Energy-efficient operation Highly effective for capturing the attention of passing traffic traveling at speeds of 30-75 mph.

    >  Excellent visibility near busy intersections and areas with high vehicle traffic

    >  Ensures clarity and readability even in the brightest sunlight.

    >  Convenient 100% front open access
    >  Modular design allows for flexibility in customization and configuration.

    >  Available in various pitch options: P8, P10, P16, and P20

Call us at: (832) 680-6111

Our LED sign represents the pinnacle of advanced, industry-leading technology. With tightly-spaced LEDs, it delivers the most stunning animations, videos, graphics, and text. We recommend sizes of 4ft height by 8ft length or 5ft height by 10ft length, making it perfect for a wide range of applications including churches, restaurants, hospitals, schools, hotels, and businesses. The impressive resolution will captivate even the most discerning eyes, ensuring your message is conveyed with utmost clarity.
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