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Boost Your Business Visibility

Expand Your Customer Base by Increasing Business Exposure

Case Study: Let's consider the example of A1 Motors, a car dealership situated on Cypress Creek Pkwy in Houston, TX. It was discovered that their showroom receives a staggering 51,000 vehicle passersby on a daily basis (To determine your own traffic, visit and search for nearby properties). Initially, their average daily walk-in customers ranged from 5 to 15. However, after opting for LED signs, they experienced a significant surge in foot traffic, with their average daily walk-in customers soaring to 17 to 51. This represents an impressive 240% increase in customer visits. Considering the vast number of vehicles passing by (51,000), even if we capture just 5% of this traffic, that amounts to 2,550 potential customers.

By installing LED outdoor advertising board, you can significantly amplify the exposure of your business, attracting more customers and maximizing growth potential.


By installing outdoor programmable LED sign, businesses have the opportunity to substantially increase their visibility and exposure. The case study of A1 Motors demonstrates how LED signs can have a profound impact on foot traffic, resulting in significant growth in daily walk-in customers. With a substantial number of vehicles passing by your location, capturing even a small percentage of that traffic can yield impressive results in terms of increased customer visits. By investing in LED UL signs, your business gains a competitive edge, expanding its reach and securing access to a wider customer base.

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