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Can a sign really make a difference between the success and failure of a business? 

The simple answer is yes… your signage is critical to your success. The SBA (Small Business Association) believes that inadequate signage is responsible for more than 50% of all business failures.   Your customers are seeing LED digital signs so often that your business cannot afford to miss out on this form of communication.  More than half of Americans see a LED digital sign at least once a day and nearly three-forth so one each week.  We’re talking about 210 million people per month.  If your competitors has LED digital sign, the chances are their walk-in traffic drastically increasing while affecting your business by talking large share of customer traffic, without one you are not taking advantage of your true marketing potential.


Time to Secure Your Location


Due to the increased demand for LED signage, many city permitting by-laws are now limiting the amount of LED signs in specific areas and are setting strict guidelines for the distance from one another. This means that if you don’t place an LED sign on your property your neighbor or competitor may secure their property before you.


Separate Yourself From Your Competitors


This proven investment can be a strategic plan not only to make your business look more
established, but to ensure your business stands out from all of your competitors.

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