Importance of Advertisement

In today’s world, we’re flooded with advertisement which makes reaching your target market increasingly more difficult.  With the help of LED Digital Sign, you sit back and watch your revenues go up. An LED sign is a great way to distinguish you from competitors. If you are looking for a way to brand your company, a LED sign is the way to go. Everyone from chain stores, franchises, to small “mom and pop” locally owned businesses are using LED signs to recruit new customers. Convergence of our multiple patented technologies are ushering in a new and dynamic form of outdoor power marketing to make the task of marketing much easier.



One of the main benefits of LED digital signage is the ease of switching different promotions and messages.  Easily and quickly, companies can switch different messages like store specials, promotions, sales, and other messages they want to promote. You have complete control of your sign.  No more depending on outdoor reading boards that you stick with only 1 size letters.  With ULsigns, you can have as large size letters as your signs allow you with trillions of color options and images. Furthermore, you will be able to input as many messages as you like and increases your chances of higher results.

24 HRS/ 7 DAYS

Greater visibility from further distances 24/hrs day 7 days a week

stand sign.png

Using Human directional signs will lead to major downfalls.

  • It ridicules the business image. You want to build a reputation by providing professional impressions.

  • It only works up to 8 hours a day and sometimes does not shows up due to call-in sick.

  • It can only show 1 message at a time.

  • It will not work on a raining day or severe weather condition.

With our LED ULsigns, you can grow your business and impulse buys 24/7

  • Achieve maximum daily exposure to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

  • Boost visibility 365 days a year.

  • Create long-term business awareness.

  • Stimulate repeat business.